Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Beautiful One

This is my little girl. Her name is Bella. She's shy and sweet and everyone who meets her falls in love with her. She is capable of crushing the leg of a cow with her jaw, but she doesn't use this freakish ability against people or other dogs. She's even good with spiders. Last week I found a huge spider on a sidewalk heading for traffic. We stopped and I said "Bella he's in trouble. We have to help him." She looked very concerned and touched her nose to the spider's body twice, so softly that he didn't even have to crouch down. We took the spider to a tree and some grass and let him go.

In the park she runs into the thickest concentration of people and dogs and drops her ball at everyone's feet and gets them all to play. For some mysterious reason she's decided that everybody should be involved, and she randomly chooses who'll throw it next. A guy named Frank played with her for 20 minutes, and when she suddenly went off to play with a new visitor to the park, he yelled, "Oh yeah, just use me and toss me away like last week's lover!" I said, "Frank, she's had you now. It was good while it lasted, but she's off to fresh game and new love. I'm sorry but that's just the way she is."

Lots of strangers have photographed her on public transit, smitten by her soft eyes and humble face. One day we were on the subway, and an elderly lady at the other end of the car was getting off. She walked all the way down to our end just to tell me how lovely Bella is, and said "She's so well behaved!" The lady had been staring at Bella for the whole ride with a big smile on her face.
Bella is a star and a goodwill ambassador - welcome in shops, cafes, bookstores, comes with me when I babysit for friends, has been in recording studios, radio stations, to parties, the local community center (where I do volunteer work), loves visiting people and gets thrilled to the point of religious delerium when any of my friends come over, and all the dog owners in our local park know and love her. Ahh. This is a perfect dog. And she's in great shape and eats a healthy diet, too. If you ate dog, she would probably taste delicious.

photo by me, with a borrowed digital camera (thanks Marion), which I'm still learning how to use